Save Time and Coach Smarter with Video

Uti­liz­ing insights gained through tagged video and stats will ben­e­fit your club in more ways than you think. 

Save Time and Coach Smarter with Video

Uti­liz­ing insights gained through tagged video and stats will ben­e­fit your club in more ways than you think. 

Michael Adams, the 2008 New Jer­sey High School Coach of the Year and head coach at West Wind­sor-Plains­boro South High School in New Jer­sey picked up on a trend in his local area ear­ly into his coach­ing career.

A cou­ple years into coach­ing at the high school, I noticed there were no vol­ley­ball clubs,” said Adams. As such, the lev­el of play at the high school suf­fered. So Adams set out to make a change by encour­ag­ing par­ents to get their kids involved in the club game. 

But con­vinc­ing par­ents to invest time and mon­ey in their kids to play club wasn’t an easy ask. The school in our area has insane­ly high aca­d­e­m­ic stan­dards,” said Adams. So if you include that, it’s tough to get kids to trav­el to play club with their commitments.

The only option was to start one myself, or we were just going to be the same type of team… just okay.” 

So Adams found­ed Prince­ton Vol­ley­ball Club back in 2005, and set out to change the course for devel­op­ing vol­ley­ball play­ers. I was moti­vat­ed to get the kids more oppor­tu­ni­ties so I start­ed the club,” said Adams.

Reap the Rewards of Time Saved

With 15 boys and girls teams in the fold, it’s a full-time invest­ment for a guy who still calls teach­ing his day job. Between mak­ing sure all of his coach­es are plugged in where they need to be and jug­gling per­son­al com­mit­ments out­side of the club, it’s a lot to man­age. I have a wife and four kids, so I want to spend some time with them too,” said Adams. I’ve found that the eas­i­est thing that I’ve been able to do is to use video.

Hudl has been a huge help. I’ve been able to share things in a video… it’s been awesome.”

Although it’s their first year using Hudl, Adams has seen the real val­ue in the invest­ment they’ve made. It was so phys­i­cal­ly time-con­sum­ing on our end. Now we’re able to just video our match­es and sub­mit it and have it bro­ken down,” said Adams.

High­light­ing spe­cif­ic, teach­able moments through video gives Adams and his staff more touch points with their play­ers out­side of their allot­ted prac­tice schedule. 

They jump on Hudl after prac­tices and tour­na­ments and give out home­work direct­ly to their play­ers, so that they have to log in and watch. It’s pret­ty easy for us to go in and check too,” said Adams. Our play­ers clear­ly learn that way. Using a tool [video] that they com­mu­ni­cate with has made life way more efficient.”

It’s super reward­ing in that we have to put way less time in, but get the reward for the play­ers — not just get­ting up and telling them at prac­tice or in a match, but they get the visu­al feedback.”

Tech­nique is Learned Through Video

The key then becomes ensur­ing that those lessons stick, and Adams and his staff have found that it goes hand in hand with instant feed­back. We’ve been able to video stuff [with Hudl Tech­nique] at prac­tice and tag the play­ers in it so they can go back and look at it and see, skill-wise,” said Adams. They can actu­al­ly see what’s hap­pen­ing and not just hear it.”

Talk­ing specif­i­cal­ly about hit­ting and serve-receive, the play­ers have been extreme­ly recep­tive to the feed­back pro­vid­ed by the coach­es. One of our best play­ers, who’s being recruit­ed Divi­sion I, that’s her biggest thing — her base is not wide,” said Adams. So she strug­gles at times.

Final­ly, she said, Oh gosh, I did it again.’ Now she knows because she saw it hap­pen mul­ti­ple times in the video, in game video and Hudl Tech­nique… She’s break­ing bad habits on her own now. We don’t even have to tell her now, because of video.”

Uti­liz­ing tools like Hudl unlocks more touch points for Adams and his staff to have inter­ac­tions with their play­ers. Coach­ing real­ly nev­er stops. The dif­fer­ence is that it’s not tak­ing away from you and your per­son­al life,” said Adams. Which, to me, is irreplaceable.”