How We Improved Sideline: An Inside Look 

Check out how we took a cue from coach­es and reviewed our per­for­mance in 2016 to step our game up in 2017.

How We Improved Sideline: An Inside Look 

Check out how we took a cue from coach­es and reviewed our per­for­mance in 2016 to step our game up in 2017.

They say the biggest improve­ment a foot­ball team makes in a sea­son occurs between the first and sec­ond game. This say­ing may be a cliché, but it’s rep­re­sen­ta­tive of our approach to Hudl Sideline in 2017.

We helped over 3,000 teams slow down the game and make adjust­ments in real time last sea­son. Along the way, we were able to gath­er tons of valu­able insights about how to make using instant replay a bet­ter expe­ri­ence mov­ing forward. 

We took this feed­back to heart and we’re excit­ed to roll out an upgrad­ed instant replay sys­tem to both new and cur­rent Sideline teams this year.

User feed­back is at the core of every­thing we do,” said Greg Nelson, prod­uct direc­tor at Hudl. We don’t build any­thing with­out input from the peo­ple that would use our prod­ucts, so the insights we gained talk­ing to coach­es that used Sideline proved invalu­able in iden­ti­fy­ing the upgrades we need­ed to offer this season.”

So what’s new?

Minimal Setup

Sideline helped teams gain insights in an instant, but coach­es want­ed us to take a cue from the tech­nol­o­gy and speed up the hard­ware set­up on game day. After all, coach­es don’t have time to deal with unpack­ing hard­ware and fig­ur­ing out where cords should be connected.

It’s impor­tant for us to have Sideline easy to set up because I want to be able to eas­i­ly tell our cam­era guys what to do,” said Freezy Smalls II, an assis­tant coach at Jack Britt High School in North Carolina. Oftentimes we have to train new cam­era peo­ple because of unfore­seen events and video is vital to our suc­cess. So when I can eas­i­ly show them how to set it up, I don’t have to spend pre­cious time away from game planning.”

That’s why we made the deci­sion to ensure all pack­ages come pre­con­fig­ured in a hard, pro­tec­tive case – one for the press box, and one for the end zone

Because every­thing is con­nect­ed and pro­tect­ed, all you have to wor­ry about is plug­ging in your cam­eras and point­ing your anten­nas in the right direc­tion. Setting up Sideline will still take a few prac­tice reps, but the min­i­mal set­up will allow you to spend more time coach­ing and less time deal­ing with hardware.

The fact that now you open the case and 90% of the cables are already attached and ready to go made that part of the set­up much faster and more efficient. Nolan Hochgrebe, an assistant coach at Blue Springs High School in Missouri

Stronger Network, Better Coverage

Games can turn on a sin­gle play, so gath­er­ing insights as quick­ly as pos­si­ble is cru­cial for every coach­ing staff. And even if you are able to quick­ly com­mu­ni­cate key obser­va­tions to your coach­es, those insights don’t mean a thing if you’re not see­ing the entire picture.

When we searched for a side­line prod­uct it was impor­tant for us to find a prod­uct that was easy and effi­cient to set up,” said Matt Garris, head coach at Coral Springs Charter School in Florida. Even more impor­tant was the reli­a­bil­i­ty of a strong net­work with fast down­load speeds so we don’t miss any plays that will pro­vide us with crit­i­cal infor­ma­tion to make a quick game-chang­ing deci­sion. Hudl Sideline met and exceed­ed these expectations!”

New access points provide a stronger connection.

Plus and Premium teams can rest easy, as we’ve added addi­tion­al anten­nas and an improved wire­less set­up to ensure bet­ter cov­er­age on the side­line and in the press box. Placing an access point in the end zone adds a wire­less sig­nal at the field lev­el, ensur­ing a stronger con­nec­tion to view­ing devices on the side­line. The wire­less bridge con­nect­ing the side­line and end zone angles has been updat­ed to pro­vide an upgrad­ed connection.

The net­work strength and down­load speeds could be the most impor­tant aspect of this sys­tem. When we can get the clips fast, we are able to make real time adjust­ments dur­ing drives.” Kevin Morris, assistant coach at Sebastian River High School​ in Florida

Upgrades, on Us

Sideline teams may have gained a ton of valu­able insights last sea­son, but we also learned a lot from them. That’s why all 2016 Plus and Premium teams are eli­gi­ble for hard­ware recon­di­tion­ing this sea­son only.

All you have to do is enroll in the recon­di­tion­ing pro­gram. Once you pay your 2017 invoice, we’ll swap out your old hard­ware for new equip­ment. Just tell us you want to opt in and we’ll walk you through the process.

These upgrades will enhance your Sideline expe­ri­ence in 2017, but we are con­stant­ly work­ing on soft­ware improve­ments. Whether it be opti­miz­ing Sideline’s per­for­mance on the lat­est iOS devices or fig­ur­ing out ways to enhance down­load speeds, we’re always look­ing for ways to lev­el up your usage of instant replay technology. 

We make it a point to get down in the dirt to see how our prod­ucts per­form,” said Nelson. With how fast tech­nol­o­gy evolves, it’s cru­cial we get out of the office as much as pos­si­ble to find ways to improve what we offer to coach­es. That’s why last year we sent out Sideline kits to teams play­ing in state cham­pi­onship games and were on the field with coach­es through­out the sea­son. This type of due dili­gence helps us make imme­di­ate improve­ments and shapes what we focus on in the long term.”

Sideline has stream­lined the way coach­es make in-game adjust­ments, and now it’s even eas­i­er for you to reap the ben­e­fits of instant replay. Start mak­ing adjust­ments on the fly today.